The Last Leaves

It’s been an odd year for our trees weatherwise and otherwise. What with a prolonged spring drought, wildfires into the summer, the close passage of a tropical storm, and then three well established nor’easters, our maritime forest here on the island has taken a quite a beating. Now we have a second hard freeze. These hardy souls are the last leaves in our yard on a bradford pear tree.



Samsung Galaxy S8+


It’s technically a bad photograph – I deliberately shot into the sun under breezy conditions so nothing is in focus. I love the shallow depth of field and the sun rays on the left of the image. I’ll check this morning after sunrise to see if the leaves made it through the night.

Do you explore your yard photographically? There’s so much to see. How about a mossy gate on a fence from a different viewpoint?



Samsung Galaxy S8+


The swirling patterns of bark on the pear tree.


Samsung Galaxy S8+

Technically all of these images are not properly exposed or focused and lack sophisticated techniques in their composition and received no post-production. They’re just shots taken on a whim – but we like them nonetheless.

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