Camera as Sculpture

An absolutely stunning camera straight out of the late 1990s – just before the digital revolution took firm hold and sleek camcorders were all the rage. A Yashica-Kyocera Profile 4000ix Zoom APS film camera.





Yashica Profile 4000ix 30-120mm 4x Zoom APS Film Camera in Blue Pearl – 1998

Actually has a glass aspheric lens made by Kyocera. The APS could format 3 image sizes – C – Classic 4×6     H – HDTV 4×7    P – Panorama 4×12

Takes (1) easy to find CR123A 3v lithium battery and still available (although expired) APS film that can still be developed by many online photo labs. Autofocus, Autoexposure, Red-Eye Reduction and 5 Mode Auto Flash.

It features a crazy design and is super small but it fits your hand quite well. If you want to give APS film a try we highly recommend that you find a Profile 4000ix as your camera platform. Don’t confuse this model with the 35mm half-frame Yashica Samurai. Yashica did make an APS camera just like this one and called it the Samurai just to confuse the heck out of everyone and then quickly adopted the Profile name.


It has a nice bright viewfinder that changes with zoom. The reputation of this camera is good with most people liking the images that are produced. Remember, APS images take a bit to get used to and we recommend that you not have the lab print your images and instead have them scanned. Since APS film is no longer produced what is available has all expired so look for the film with the latest dates on it (I think I just got some “new” Fujifilm 200 with an expiration of 2007).


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