In the Shop – Fuji Smart Shot 35mm Camera Kit – Light Blue

In the shop today I’ve added a rather hard to find light blue version of this popular and fun Fuji camera. The Fuji Smart Shot was released in April 1994 for a selling price in Japan of ¥3,800

You can purchase this still new in its original box camera directly from here on this post by clicking on the PayPal button or over in my shop at

Fuji Light Blue Smart Shot 35mm Compact Film Camera Kit with Fujinon f/8 35mm Lens, Film, Battery, Strap, Instructions

Super hard to find still new in its box, this Fuji light blue version of this popular and fun to use Fuji is unused and in mint condition. It comes complete with its original box (with packaging materials), an unused nylon strap, the instruction sheet, a roll of expired (07/2010) Fujicolor 100 film, and a new Fujifilm AA battery. The camera has been tested and works perfectly. I’ll ship this in the USA for FREE via USPS First Class Mail and worldwide with some exceptions – please ask for a quote first. Thanks, Chris



Mickey & Minnie by Fujifilm

Another neat find from our collection – this rather rare Mickey and Minnie Mouse APS camera by Fujifilm. From about 1999 or so, purchased at Tokyo Disneyland.

DSCF7566 logo

This limited edition Mick & Min camera was only available for a limited time at Tokyo Disneyland. The camera inside the collectible tin has never been opened and is still loaded with Fujicolor APS color negative film. I believe my translation of the “40” means that there are about 40 flashes available with the cameras built-in flash. Chances are (although they may still be working) the batteries have long since expired.

DSCF7559 logo

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Happy FUNday!

The end of a long work week (for some) and the start of a busy and fun weekend (for some). We hope to get out and about this weekend for some picture taking as we’ve got two cameras loaded with film and ready to go.


Ash in the studio having some fun!

The two film cameras we’re looking to use this weekend? How about a c1956 Nicca S-3 rangefinder and a 1998 Yashica-Kyocera Profile 4000ix APS camera! The Nicca has some Fujicolor 800 loaded and the Yashica has Fujifilm 200 expired APS film.

We’ll post our pics as soon as we can.


The Fujifilm 200 APS film cartridge being loaded in the Yashica Profile.


The decidedly weird Yashica Profile.

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Fujifilm Endeavor 310ix Zoom – Compact APS Film Camera

Another “Modern Classic” and “Plastic Fantastic” from the late 1990s. These sophisticated cameras became the mainstay of the industry before the onslaught of the first wave of useful low-end digital cameras.

Fujifilm 310ix Zoom

Part of Fuji Photo’s popular Endeavor series of APS cameras. The 310ix is equipped with a Super-EBC Fujinon 24-70mm power zoom lens and a host of other advanced features typically only found in the APS format.

This wonderful camera is in its original straight from the factory condition – never used and fully working.


Some of the accessories that are included in this kit are a Fujifilm branded camera cloth in its bright “Fujifilm green”, a remote control that could be attached to the neck strap and used to fire the shutter, nylon neck strap, complete instruction booklet and a roll of Fujicolor 200 APS film (expired 2000).


The camera takes (1) CR123A battery which also provides power to the date/time and title functions. Here you can see part of the keypad used to set the printing functions.


One of the functions of this camera is the ability to change film mid-roll and to switch to panorama mode. It has a solid feel to it with some heft and the build quality seems strong. APS films are no longer made but there are plenty of expired rolls available online through auction sites and the traditional online “monster from the jungle”.

You can purchase this wonderful camera at our online store at

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Nice Fujifilm Discovery 270 35mm Film Camera Set – Available for Purchase

Fujifilm Discovery 270 (DL-270) 35mm Film Camera Set

Gently used Fujifilm compact 35mm camera set - complete with all original boxes, new batteries, Fujicolor film, Fujifilm padded camera case, all books and papers and of course, a fully working and 100% tested Discovery 270 camera. See additional details at


This is a super high-quality 35mm camera – 35-70mm Super-EBC Fujinon power zoom lens 

Panorama Mode in addition to standard 35mm 

Also known as the Fujifilm DL-270

First introduced in November 1994

Great way to get into film photography! Start shooting right out of the box! This is from our personal collection of fine Fujifilm cameras and is guaranteed to be fully working – right down to the date/time settings!

Give someone the gift of film photography!


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Modern Classics – Fujifilm Zoom Date 110EZ

No it’s not a 110 film camera as the name might imply but one of the last in a long series of 35mm super compact cameras from Fuji.

This one debuted about late 2003 – not that long ago when you think about recent film cameras vs. emerging digital cameras.


As the name implies, it has a zoom lens (38-110mm) and can imprint the date on the film.


Autofocus, exposure, flash and red-eye reduction.


Electronic shutter from 1/2 to 1/500th second.


Nice bright viewfinder – large LCD with date/time imprint and super fast two position zoom buttons. The red power button is almost impossible to push with a normal fingertip. Too small for me.


Power zoom Fujinon lens 38-110mm (f 6.3 to 11.7).


The camera is one of the smallest in our collection of plastic fantastic Fujifilm compact 35s. It weighs in at only 190 grams without the CR123A lithium battery.

Automatic DX film ISO setting from ISO 50-3200. Automatic film loading and film advance and auto pre-wind system.

As we’ve stated before, these cameras are getting harder to find in still brand new condition (with all original factory issued stuff)… so, they are somewhat collectable and if you’re looking for a super compact film camera to take on your next outing, the Fujifilm line is a very good choice.

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W

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Fuji DL-150 35mm Compact Camera – 1986

Released in November 1986, the Fuji DL-150 entered into a hyper crowded marketplace filled with everything from cutting edge 35mm SLRs with capable autofocus and autoexposure modes to some of the most basic point and shoot cameras ever made.

We think this Fuji probably existed somewhere in the middle of the pack of simple AF compact cameras. We don’t have a handle on the price point of the DL-150 – the excellent build quality would suggest a steep list price.


Since Fuji makes film, this set came supplied with a free roll of Fujicolor. It was a great way for Fuji to kick the yellow box and introduce their new customers to the quality of Fuji film.

Focusing on the DL-150 is automatic (infrared, active type) with autofocus memory. The shutter is a programmed electronic type with speeds of 1/30 to 1/500. ISO (DX Coding)is from 100-1600.


We like the styling of the DL-150… typical 1980s design but in our eyes it still looks fresh. It feels like Fuji used a higher quality plastic and the fit and finish is excellent. This model appears to have been built in Japan.


Fujinon f3.5 35mm lens – 3 components with 3 elements. Closest focus is 0.85 m


First time we’ve seen a JCII inspection sticker on one of our simple Fujis.


Drop dead simple top plate!


The shutter release button is sweet – a soft touch oval that feels great under your fingertip.


A real owner’s manual vice folded pamphlet.


Colorful retail box. The Fuji DL-7 has a similar design.

Billed as the “world’s simplest loading system”! Features autofocus, auto flash firing, motorized film advance and end of roll rewind and DX auto film setting. No way to turn on the flash and the flash fires to “assist” you in dim lighting indoors.

Takes 2 AA batteries and weighs in at only 255 grams (without film, batteries or strap).

We haven’t field tested it yet but it’s on that ever growing list!

Thanks for your visit – if you find a nice clean DL-150 for a good price we recommend giving it a try.

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Plus – 1991

From the Fuji Photo Film Company, Limited, Tokyo.

Actually quite a sophisticated 35mm compact autofocus camera from the early 1990s – during the compact camera war period where each manufacturer was trying to cram as many features into as small a package as they could. In the case of this Fuji, it came pretty close to having everything except the compact part.

Which in the case of this camera, is a very good thing in our opinion. It has a wonderful feel to it – it has some heft (362 g without battery and film) and fits nicely into your grip. It’s plastic but with a host of motors and what not the weight goes up which helps to hold it steady when taking a picture.


It was packaged in a descriptive and colorful box that included a roll of Fujicolor film, a lithium battery (which was still working after 24 years!), a padded strap and a series of 3 HG Creative Exposure cards for exposure compensation. The film expired in May 1994.


We think it’s one of the better designed compact 35s of that era – beautiful lines and a quality fit and finishes. It was made in Japan – and it appears that it was also assembled there as well. The June issue of Popular Photography has it listed as $299.95 as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price! I believe that gives some clue as to the design that Fuji put into this nice update to their Discovery 900.


The Discovery comes with a Fujinon 38-85mm power zoom lens (f/3.8 – 8.2) and uses a 3 zone multi-beam autofocus system. Focuses close-up to 29.5 inches and the AF focuses from .75 meter to infinity.


The Fujinon lens consists of 7 components, 7 elements. The programmed electronic shutter operates from 1/8 to 1/250 second.


The top view is simple and uncluttered. The HG card slot is in the center (where a hot shoe would be). It has a sequential self-timer and the power zoom buttons are on the far right. It also features drop-in film loading and uses DX coding with ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600 DX-coded films.


This camera was a presentation camera to the employees (?) of the plant – or maybe the plant only got one. It is in mint never used condition so I’m guessing it never took pictures of their cement pipes at the plant. Our first thought was to remove the plaque, but it is well designed and affixed properly so it’s best to leave it be. Besides, it helps to date the camera and that’s okay with us.

The little Pac Man looking symbol and slide lever opens and closes the lens cover and activates the camera. The landscape button on the left helps the AF system to fix a distant focus at infinity or at least takes an average focus from the scene. We love the centered viewfinder – it provides a nice bright view of the composition.


The Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Plus 35mm camera.


The Fuji Discovery 90 Date – a smaller and less feature-packed cousin to the 900.

We think Fuji did well with this sophisticated camera and can’t wait for a field test! Soon!

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Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


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