Fuji DL-150 35mm Compact Camera – 1986

Released in November 1986, the Fuji DL-150 entered into a hyper crowded marketplace filled with everything from cutting edge 35mm SLRs with capable autofocus and autoexposure modes to some of the most basic point and shoot cameras ever made.

We think this Fuji probably existed somewhere in the middle of the pack of simple AF compact cameras. We don’t have a handle on the price point of the DL-150 – the excellent build quality would suggest a steep list price.


Since Fuji makes film, this set came supplied with a free roll of Fujicolor. It was a great way for Fuji to kick the yellow box and introduce their new customers to the quality of Fuji film.

Focusing on the DL-150 is automatic (infrared, active type) with autofocus memory. The shutter is a programmed electronic type with speeds of 1/30 to 1/500. ISO (DX Coding)is from 100-1600.


We like the styling of the DL-150… typical 1980s design but in our eyes it still looks fresh. It feels like Fuji used a higher quality plastic and the fit and finish is excellent. This model appears to have been built in Japan.


Fujinon f3.5 35mm lens – 3 components with 3 elements. Closest focus is 0.85 m


First time we’ve seen a JCII inspection sticker on one of our simple Fujis.


Drop dead simple top plate!


The shutter release button is sweet – a soft touch oval that feels great under your fingertip.


A real owner’s manual vice folded pamphlet.


Colorful retail box. The Fuji DL-7 has a similar design.

Billed as the “world’s simplest loading system”! Features autofocus, auto flash firing, motorized film advance and end of roll rewind and DX auto film setting. No way to turn on the flash and the flash fires to “assist” you in dim lighting indoors.

Takes 2 AA batteries and weighs in at only 255 grams (without film, batteries or strap).

We haven’t field tested it yet but it’s on that ever growing list!

Thanks for your visit – if you find a nice clean DL-150 for a good price we recommend giving it a try.

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


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