At the beach with my new bike.

Got a new beach cruiser bicycle – not really made for the sand but it’s a perfect around the beach town we live in. No hills!


3 speeds and a coaster brake – perfect beach bike! White with black chrome.


Great idea to post these. My little town thinks of everything!

Pentamatic S – 1961

Yashica Pentamatic S with its no name clip-on light meter.


S fitted with its light meter, lens hood and the standard 5.8cm f/1.7 lens that came with the Pentamatic II.


Pentamatic S


Standard lens for the Pentamatic II here fitted to the S – Auto Yashinon f/1.7 5.8cm made by Tomioka Optical.

The Yashica Pentamatic S was available in 1961 and came with the Auto Yashinon f/1.8 5.5cm lens.