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Plastic Fantastic from the Fuji Photo Film Company.

Smart Shot Deluxe Sep 1994

DL-7 Apr 1987

Discovery 90 Date Jun 1994

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


Fujifilm Smart Shot Deluxe – 1994

The Fujifilm Smart Shot Deluxe is one of the most basic modern cameras we have in our collection. It’s interesting to note that Fuji returned to using Fujifilm in its name with this camera vice using simply Fuji.

It was released in September 1994. It’s super small (compact) and lightweight (175g) but still featured drop-in loading and motor drive. It came packaged with Fujicolor Super G Plus 400 film and the box was designed with a hang tag for sale next to their films. The shutter is fixed at 1/100th of a second and the aperture is fixed at f8. Fixed focus is from 1.3 meters to infinity.

*** Please note: If you know what the U.S. (or MSRP in Japan) selling price was in 1994 that would be great! We have ¥12,000 which seems a tad high. Thanks ^.^


One of the advertising tag lines for the Fujifilm Smart Shot series was – “a smart shot, a good price, a firm picture, a camera that looks good if you go for fun”! That may not be the best translation in the world but I think you get the idea.


Fujinon f8 33mm plastic lens.


Built-in motor drive and motorized film rewind. Sliding lens cover and crazy big flash button.


Film view window and a cool Fujifilm logo on the back.


Still made in Japan at this point in time which is surprising as most of the simple Fuji cameras were made elsewhere.


Back in 1994 when this camera set was released, it came with a fresh roll of Fujicolor 400 film and 2 AA batteries. The film is a touch out of date.


The owner’s manual is more of a fold out pamphlet and shares info with the Clear Shot Plus. The oversized button on the front left of the lens is the flash button. You press it and hold it until the flash ready comes on then you push the shutter release button on the top right. It’s odd that the flash “on” button is so big – designed to make it look maybe more sophisticated or cute.

I’m sure Fuji sold a bunch as they were nearly a disposable camera with a free roll of film and came with rebates for additional savings on film purchases.

I would say it’s a bit better than average for a mid 1990s camera and free film never hurts sales!

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Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W