Screen shot of Packers game, November 2009

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170


Pirate de Cat

Pirate being Pirate – 

A much younger Pirate (8 years ago) hanging out with me in the woods. He’s 15ish now and doesn’t climb trees anymore, doesn’t hear all that well and his eyes are a bit dim, but he’s still the best cat we’ve ever had.


March 2009 – still in his winter coat.


Taking a break from climbing trees.


Watching the fish.

Thanks for your visit! Pirate says thanks too!

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170


FIFA World Cup 1986 Canon T50


Probably not many of these floating around in the U.S. – this was in our collection of ‘all things Canon’ for awhile but has since moved on to another collector. We thought it deserved a spot on the blog if only because few people know of its existence.


The Canon T50 is one of the simplest cameras (35mm SLR) that Canon ever produced. It accepted all Canon FD lenses, took 2 AA batteries, had a power winder built-in and had programmed automation!


Cool logo!


Simple Simon! Shutter button, function dial, hot shoe and rewind lever.



Nice bright graphics!


Bold hand grip and clean design.


If you want a simple, and we mean simple, 35mm SLR film camera to play around with, then the T50 and its cousin the T70 are just the ticket. Both take all of Canon’s FD lenses – and that’s worth the price of admission any day!

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot W170


Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park – White Springs, Florida

DSC02439Opened in 1950, this park contains a memorial to Stephen Foster –

In 1931 Josiah K. Lilly, the son of Indiana pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli K. Lilly, suggested a memorial to composer Stephen Foster, whose song ‘Old Folks at Home’ made the Suwannee River known all over the world. The Florida Federation of Music Clubs adopted his idea and obtained contributions of land in White Springs, Florida. The Stephen Foster Memorial Commission administered the development of the park, which opened in 1950. In 1935, ‘Old Folks at Home’ was designated Florida’s official state song. Stephen Collins Foster, born in 1826, composed more than 200 songs during his lifetime.


In the early days of Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center, visitors rode on replica paddle steamers up and down the Suwannee River. The boats were named the Belle of the Suwannee and the Glendy Burke.


Other influential people include Lillian Saunders, she worked hard to help acquire the first 100 acres of land for the Stephen Foster Memorial. As well as ‘Cousin’ Thelma Boltin who was considered the first lady of the Florida Folk Festival, directing the annual celebration for more than 20 years. The first Florida Folk Festival was held in 1953. The Florida Folk Festival has become the longest running state folk festival in the United States, taking place each year during Memorial Day weekend. Many well-known musicians have performed here, including Floridians Gamble Rogers and Will McLean, artisans, musicians and storytellers share their crafts with festival goers each May. Learn more about the Florida Folk Festival.





The Florida Folk Festival takes place during the Memorial Day weekend – if you go, prepare to experience the old Florida. It’s typically a tad bit hot and humid there at that time of year so go prepared!

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot W170