Happy SUNday! – Fujifilm Mickey Mouse

Fujifilm MD (motor drive) 35mm film camera – released in March 1995 for the home market. This one was purchased at Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo in December 1996.

It’s since been sold to a very happy collector of all things Disney in Australia!

And here’s a throwback pic of a very early camera (1956) from Fuji Photo Film Company – the Fujipet.

The Fuji Pet 35 above was one of Fuji’s first 35mm cameras (1959).

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Daily ‘Fuji-Fix’ – the Fujipet gets some film

fujipet film

The Fujipet gets some much needed Neopan 100 Acros

The 1959 Pet is still going strong. It’s one of the smallest and lightest medium format cameras around – just slightly larger than the 120 roll film that it uses!

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Daily ‘Fuji-Fix’ – the cute Fujipet and Pet 35

fujipet 1

Fuji Photo Film Fujipet
1959 version
Medium format 120 roll film camera
Shoots a 6×6 cm negative
Cute little Pet in gray!

Always smiling…

fuji pet 35 1

And his cousin – Fuji Photo Film Fuji Pet 35 – the more refined Pet that shoots 35mm film vice 120 roll film.

These are fun to use film cameras that produce exceptionally nice (and unique) looking images.

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Fuji Photo Film – Fuji Pet 35

From 1959, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. follow-up to their widely popular Fujipet 120 film camera. The Pet 35 took advantage of the growing popularity of 35mm photography – plus it’s a great way to sell more film!

The Pet 35 was way more sophisticated than the Fujipet – but retained the funky charm and quirkiness of the original. Since the Pet 35 is not a common camera, we’ve presented a visual tour of our almost mint condition Pet 35.


Original set as found. We have the leather case too.


The lens is a Fujinar-K 3 element glass lens – 45mm with a maximum aperture of f/3.5 with closest focussing to 0.5 meters.


The lever to the right of the lens cocks the shutter and the left lever trips the Copal B leaf shutter.


The Copal shutter features speeds of B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 of a second.


In keeping with the funky design – two oversized knobs that left no doubt on how to operate them.


The body is dark gray on this Pet 35.


Outer ring is the focus adjustment, next is the shutter speed selector and finally the aperture settings.


The original Pet 35 lens cap.


Nicely detailed and finished.


Early 1960s Fuji Film Neopan SS – ASA 100. How about film for only ¥190!


Original selling price was ¥3,400 – the leather case sold for ¥700 and a soft case was available for ¥350


Original sales brochure specs.


The viewfinder is bright and clear – and big for such a small camera.


ASA reminder scale and film back release.


The Pet 35 is far from being a ‘toy camera’ as its build quality is quite high. No foam or yarn light seals to fail – the metal film door fit tightly into the body to seal out light.


Gotta love the Fuji Film stickers inside!


Thanks so much for your visit – we hope that you enjoyed our tour of this fantastic Fuji!

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W

Chris & Carol ^.^

The Doors* new doors added 2.25.2017l

Everybody uses them – we hardly take notice until they fail – we all have our favorites. Here are some of ours. A short photo essay on doors (*and knobs and handles too)!


Favorite Door – but it’s gone now.


Forgotton Door


Disney Door


Official Doors




French Door… no really!


Disney Door – Key and Heart


Vintage Look Door Knob



Century Old Door


More Disney Door… A Doggie Door?


“I’ve Seen It All” Door


Disney Studio Door


Crusty and Rusty


Elegant Pull


Hard Working Pull


Reflections Door


Vintage View Doors


Home Door


Happy Doors!!!

Thanks for your visit! Do you have a favorite? Let us know.

Supporting Cast: Sony Cyber-shot W170, Samsung Galaxy S4, Fujifilm FinePix S9900, Fuji Photo Fujipet


New Arrival – Fuji Photo Film Fujipet!

Another new (to us) Fujipet has arrived! This one is in gray and came with its original gray leather Pet case. It’s hard to tell exactly when this one was made – guessing it’s a 1959 or 1960 version.



We just love all the quirky knobs and numbered levers – sweeping curves and that crazy viewfinder.


A true medium format 6x6cm film camera – as simple to use as falling out of bed. Takes 12 exposures on 120 roll film.


Simple and then simple some more.

The Fabulous Fuji Foto Photo Film Fujipet!

Thanks for your visit!

C&C ^.^

Fuji Petting with our Fujipet! New Pet Pics Posted…

The goal is to take our 1958 medium format camera from Fuji Photo for a little picture taking. We’ve loaded some fresh Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros (in days past it was Neopan SS) into the Fujipet and see how it does after 58 years of non use. We’re very curious about the “look” of the images. If you don’t know much about the Fujipet, please take a stroll through our archives for a little catch-up.


1958 Fuji Photo Fujipet with its new strap. A simple modification to the Canon strap made it perfect for this lightweight Fuji. We have the original vinyl (leather?) strap for the Fuji but it’s still sealed in its original package. No reason to ruin it by using it LOL.


The Pet as seen on a local legend (Mr. David Yulee).


Hoping the bright Florida sunshine was just right for our first test of the Pet.

And just how did the Pet perform?


The entire roll of 12 exposures came out just great! Here’s a sample of some of them. The Pet gave a special look to the images. We had ‘The Darkroom’ print up these four images in their true square format (here they are 5 x 5 inches).

Well as you can see the pictures came back from the outing with the Fujipet. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how they came out! The lens was actually super sharp (all things considered) and the almost 60 year old plastic lens had some nice contrast to it too. We can’t say enough about Neopan 100 Acros – exceptional film!





If you can get your hands on a Fujipet then do so. There’s almost always one or two listed on the Japanese online auction sites. Be careful though! Japan (like my Florida) is a very humid climate and that can wreck havoc on old metal cameras and plastic lenses. Ask questions of the sellers and look very closely at the images of it. By the way, in 1958 when the Pet’s were selling wildly in Japan, they went for 1950 yen or about just under $6. You’ll pay a little more than that today but a good one can still be found for under $100 and questionable ones for $10 to $20.

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Totally Off Track… フジペット

Occasionally we can get off track here on the ‘Fanatic’… well more often than not. Here’s a quick post about a rather rare camera on this side of the world.

The Fujipet!!! フジペット By Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Some have classified it as a toy camera as it is made very simply with lightweight materials and a plastic lens. In Japan (we believe the only market where it was sold) it was designed for use by children, “adult” women and beginners. At only ¥1950 it was inexpensive even by today’s standards. In our opinion here on the ‘Fanatic’, the Fujipet was no more a toy camera then the extremely simple and very popular Kodak Instamatic series of cameras.

The Fujipet is a true 6 x 6 cm medium format camera using 120 roll film.


Rare Fujipet set from 1958.


Shizue is confused! One of these cameras is considered by many to be a toy camera while the other was thought to be a serious camera. Each sold over a million plus units. Each has a plastic lens. The Kodak is mostly a plastic body with some internal metal parts and the Fujipet is plastic and aluminum and actually has a rather substantial feel to it. Of course the Kodak used 126 film in plastic cartridges and the Fuji? Professional 120 roll film producing 6 x 6 cm negatives. Toy?


Original users manual. Cool Fuji logo.


The coolest name around!


Space age viewfinder! Straight from the 1950s!

We will be running a roll of 120 film through soon… stay tuned!

Many thanks, Chris and Carol