New Arrival – Fuji Photo Film Fujipet!

Another new (to us) Fujipet has arrived! This one is in gray and came with its original gray leather Pet case. It’s hard to tell exactly when this one was made – guessing it’s a 1959 or 1960 version.



We just love all the quirky knobs and numbered levers – sweeping curves and that crazy viewfinder.


A true medium format 6x6cm film camera – as simple to use as falling out of bed. Takes 12 exposures on 120 roll film.


Simple and then simple some more.

The Fabulous Fuji Foto Photo Film Fujipet!

Thanks for your visit!

C&C ^.^

4 thoughts on “New Arrival – Fuji Photo Film Fujipet!

    1. That’s awesome! We’ve enjoyed using the original medium format Fujipet and the Pet 35. Silly simple cameras that produce interesting looking images. We don’t have the EE model yet – I think the light meters are the weak links in them but I bet a bunch still have working meters. Good luck!


      1. The needle moves on this one, so that’s hopeful at least. Other than that point and shoot…even less than a holga which a least had some distance choices.

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