What Happened?

What happened to Yashica’s first ever 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera… the Pentamatic? After nearly two years of producing the original Pentamatic, it’s virtually gone from the major photography magazines in the U.S. and after nearly a year of production, no mention of the second model in the Pentamatic series the Pentamatic II. In the February 1962 issue of Modern Photography magazine, I counted only three small ads for the Pentamatic and no ads (large or small) for the Pentamatic II. Why did Yashica let the Pentamatic go away so quickly? I’m still searching for the first advertisement that mentions the model II. I have seen the model II in Japanese domestic market sales brochures so I know that Yashica at least advertised the camera at home. No English language ads as of yet. I will say that I don’t have all the photography magazines from 1961, 1962 or 1963 so I’m basing my info or a rather small sample size. I do have Japanese language sales brochures that advertise the model I and II together and as best as I can tell, the ads are from very late 1960 to very early 1961. So my search continues and my questions remain unanswered for the moment. These two ads appeared in the February 1962 issue of Modern Photography magazine. Both ads were from major camera retailers in New York City.