Yashica-Mat EM

Another slight departure from the Pentamatics. Here is a beautiful Yashica-Mat EM from around mid 1964. Everything works on this camera… the built-in exposure meter works like a charm (no batteries required) and the shutter is spot on. Of course what would a picture of a classic Yashica be without one of the ‘Sailor Boys’ posing alongside. The marketing doll is from around early 1962 and he was made in many different versions. The EM is a twin-lens reflex (TLR) film camera and was made by the talented craftspeople at Yashica’s factory in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. A true work of art that has stood the test of time.


Sailor Boys Galore!!!

A nice collection of different versions of Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boys’. In my travels I’ve discovered other Yashica marketing “dolls” but this just about covers them all. I know there’s a Christmas candle ‘Sailor Boy’ with matching Christmas box. If you’ve seen others please feel free to share them with me. Thanks!yashicasailorboys japan store