Simple Little Lens Hood

This very nice looking lens hood might be one of Yashima’s first to carry the Yashica name in the “squished” oval design. It’s a 32 mm metal push-on type designed to simply slide over the taking lens’ chrome ring. The case is a very mellow brown… the stiching is more or less taupe and the snap is orange-brown. The inside has the typical red felt on two sides and natural leather elsewhere. The case and hood may be from early 1956-ish. It’s fitted to our c1954 Yashicaflex AS-II. A later Japanese sales brochure from 1959 has the hood listed for only ¥230 and it’s with the Yashica A III.


Yashica lens hood from early 1956 or so.



Close-up detail of the metal hood (32mm) push on type.



Only 230 yen! 1959 sales brochure.



Yashicaflex AS-II


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