Original Pentamatic Ad from Japan

Another advertisement from Japan for the Pentamatic recently came to our attention. I love that in the beginning, Yashica appeared to not know what to call their first ever 35 mm single-lens reflex camera. This first ad below is from a US photography magazine and it referred to the camera as the Pentamatic ’35’. The second ad below is from an English language newspaper printed and distributed in Japan. I’ve seen similar ads like it for other Yashica’s and the price was given in yen. I don’t see a price in this ad and it’s rather small to see much detail but I think it’s important just the same. Although they just title it as the Yashica Pentamatic they are quick to point out that it is an automatic 35mm reflex as if you wouldn’t know by looking at it.

yashica 7-31 ad

First advertisement for the new Pentamatic in a US magazine. June 1960.

jn pentamatic ad framed 2

Advertisement from an English language newspaper distributed in Japan.


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