Yashica’s J-3 in Pro-Black

Yashica’s first ever* black body 35 mm single-lens reflex camera from 1962. The J-3 was an amazing camera for Yashica… it was the first with a CdS exposure meter that was coupled to the shutter speed dial. Still not through-the-lens (TTL) metering but that was coming… shortly!

We are amazed that this camera has made it this far in life and the factory paint is as gorgeous as ever. Sure there are some spots that show some brassing and a ding or two but that only proves it was used.

It still performs as designed… the film advance is silky smooth and the distinctive Yashica shutter and mirror sound remain sweet (as only a 35 mm SLR can sound). If you ever get a chance to acquire a working J-3 do so. It’s a wonderful film camera.

*As best as we know!


Rather rare in black. Yashica J-3 from 1962.



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