First Test of the Yashica Pentamatic… July 1960

    From the July 1960 issue of Modern Photography magazine. What we find most interesting in this article can be found in the opening paragraph. Describing the Pentamatic as a “relatively small, lightweight, quiet-shutter single-lens reflex incorporating a number of features found only in cameras costing a good deal more.” Interesting that the reviewer did not mention that this was Yashica’s first ever single-lens reflex camera. It would seam important to the reader as Yashica had a reputation of building fantastic twin-lens reflex cameras and some beautiful rangefinders. Our guess is that compared to the other cameras that were available in early 1960, one could say that the Pentamatic was small and lightweight. Pick up a Pentamatic with the standard f/1.8 5.5 cm lens, and by today’s standards, it’s anything but small and lightweight! We do agree however that the Pentamatic has a quiet shutter and the price was certainly good compared to the other SLRs.


From the July 1960 issue of Modern Photography magazine.

    The specifications were supplied by Yashica from the official press releases during the March-April 1960 time frame. The entire article was written from that information with what appears to be a very brief test of the camera. No mention of the quality of the images taken with the Pentamatic other than to say that the normal lens produced little to no significant fall-off of edge sharpness at full aperture (f/1.8). The reviewer did state that the chrome finish wasn’t too good but that another technician liked it just as it is.