Cute Little Brochure

We recently came across this sales brochure (catalog actually) for Fujifilm. Straight from Japan (Kanagawa Prefecture) to our blog! Hard to date some of these brochures as they almost never had dates or even some type of a date code. Our guess on this one would be 1955 or so based on the design of the film boxes. We could be wrong so please correct us if we are.


“Cute” ad from Fuji Film. Along the same lines as the early Coppertone ads.

Check out the ASA 10 Fujicolor film box. It had better be really really bright out and during mid day to get away with ASA 10! Below is a scan from the inside of the catalog. Great looking camera!


The super small kanji to the lower left of the camera image translates to ‘Hosokawa Letterpress Office Inko.

How does this relate to Yashica? Not directly really but some of our early Yashica instruction booklets feature Neopan film in the book.

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