Yashica-Tomioka Macro Lens

One of our favorite lenses in the Yashica family. A rather fast f/ 2.8 60mm macro lens made by Tomioka Optical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo for Yashica. 5 elements in 4 groups… it’s capable of life-size (1:1) macro photography. As Yashica describes this lens… “By far the most effective lens for close-ups, copying and macrophotography, as well as general photographic work. Features a new optical glass element, and is fully compensated for all aberrations. Designed to ensure maximum brightness and extremely sharp results. Particularly effective for close-ups of moving subjects (??) and macrophotography without using bellows.” Not sure about the moving subjects part as the depth of field is very shallow.

Weighs in at around 400 grams and can focus down to 0.235 meters. Filter size is 58mm and of course it has the versatile M42 screw-in mount (Praktica).


Macro Yashinon 60mm f/ 2.8 lens built by Tomioka Optical for Yashica.


Just a beautifully designed lens. Here the ’68’ represents the ‘model number’ of the lens and the ‘2840’ is the production sequence number… 2,840th made.


I believe an early 1970s designed box. Could be the late 1960s but it doesn’t line up well with other boxes from that same period. Yashica acquired Tomioka in around 1968. Always surprising that Yashica still had the Tomioka brand on their lenses (but Tomioka had a great reputation) so one could see why.


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