Yashicaflex Rookie Leather Case

The Yashicaflex Rookie or more simply the Rookie, was released in early 1956 and was destined for the domestic market only. There is some evidence that it may have been initially designed as a super inexpensive camera that would be sold worldwide (mostly because of the name and the fact that the presentation box has ‘for Jr.’ on it which would have little or no meaning inside Japan). The camera was in fact only available in Japan and all of the literature is in Japanese with no English ads found.

Back to the case or as they are often referred to as an ever ready case. The marks on the bottom of the leather case have a very distinct K.K in a box design (image 1 below). We believe that in the early days of Yashima-Yashica that they did not have they capability to produce their own leather goods. Nothing we have proves that theory but it’s just a hunch on our part. We believe that this mark and other marks similar to it are the trademarks or makers marks of the leather goods company that provided them to Yashica. During this same time period Japanese tin toy makers had similar marks on them and the coincidence is not all that coincidental.

As Yashica grew it is possible that they did in fact take over the manufacturing of leather goods in their factory in Suwa as the cases of the early 1960s rarely if ever had these trademarks.


Distinct trademark on the bottom of the 1956 Yashicaflex Rookie.


Leather ever ready case for the Rookie.


Leather case for the Yashica Flex model S from the mid 1950s.

DSC07334 (2)

Another view of the ‘T.K’ trademark.

As we find others we’ll be sure to share them here.

Comments? Please feel free to add them as you see fit.

Many thanks… C&C



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