Super Rare Tomioka Tominon Lens

We found this lens recently while surfing various sites. It’s the first time I’ve seen the famous f/ 1.2 M42 mount lens with the original maker’s marks and serial number. Just a really nice find!

tomioka tominon f 1.2

Super rare Tomioka Kogaku (optical) Auto Tominon f 1.2 55mm lens. Looks to be in excellent condition overall. Knowing just a bit (actually very little) about Tomioka, the serial number is in sequential production number which would make this lens the 102nd lens off the production line! Wow!

Nope… it’s not our lens (wish it was) and we can’t afford it but at the time of this blog post it was for sale on one of the well known auction sites ($1,450.00)…

Go for it!!!

Thanks for looking… Chris and Carol