Quick Pentamatic News… 6.26.2016

We’ve recently discovered a neat magazine advertisement for what appears to be Yashica’s full line of film cameras from sometime in 1962.

I personally haven’t seen an ad from this period in an English languageĀ magazine… I feel that ads like this help to date and understand Yashica’s thinking when it came to production and marketing.


The 35mm single-lens reflex cameras in this ad from 1962 are… top left is the Pentamatic S, the next camera down is the Penta J and the last SLR is the original Pentamatic ’35’.


The Yashica family from ‘Life’ magazine advertisement 1962. By the way, the dad is holding the Pentamatic S.

An interesting mix of cameras… 35mm SLRs, 6x6cm TLRs, 4x4cm TLRs, 8mm movie cameras and some lenses, flashes and of course 35mm rangefinder cameras.

We are looking into acquiring the ad so we can present a higher quality image.

Thanks for looking!

Chris and Carol