Some of this & that… 10.26.2016

Just a collection of recent observations and discoveries. Some stuff about Nicca, a little Yashica and some random thoughts.


Yashica-Nicca III-L advertisement 1959. Yashima-Yashica purchased Nicca Camera Co., Ltd. in May of 1958 and ran two factories that produced interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras until early 1960.

Close-up of the bottom of a Yashica leather camera case showing distinctive trademark of the maker. We don’t know who ‘K.K’ in a square is but we’re working on it.


Leather makers mark. Trademark?


Another leather case and another trademark. This time ‘T.K’.









Leather camera case (Yashica-A twin lens reflex) with maker’s mark. Same ‘T.K’ as before but now the ‘Made in Japan’ mark was added. Camera and case are from November 1961.

There are other marks on Yashica cases and we’ll dig them up for you soon!


Yashica-A logo on 1961 leather case.


Close-up of the focus knob on the 1961 Yashica-A. Last Yashica TLR with yellow meter scale.


1957 Nicca 3-F 35 mm rangefinder with original box.

Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to share your comments with us.

Chris & Carol


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