Studio Fun


Our first subjects in our studio (more than a few years ago)… some of our children’s toys – actually their favorites! Tim’s was Ash and Pikachu and Lindsay’s was Sailor Jupiter.


Digital pop! HDR x 10




We didn’t have room for a proper studio – portraits of people and pets, but a nice corner in our sun room became our tabletop studio and playground. Mostly product pics and of course the endless stream of camera pics.


Bubbles into the light…


Carol’s beads…


More bubbles…


Ash takes over the studio…


Through the camera shop window… Tokyo Olympics 1964


The Dark Knight… 1954 Yashima Flex


Industrial art…


My old phone…


Yummy treats from Japan.

Not much really. Simple everyday items that struck our fancy. Nothing taken at 24MP – Sony Cybershot, Fujifilm FinePix and of course the trusty Samsung Galaxy S4.

Thanks for the visit!

Chris and Carol ^.^

Brand New (NOS) Fujifilm GF670s!

Fujifilm GF670 Professional 6×7 Camera

At a Glance

The Fujifilm GF670 Professional 6×7/6×6 dual-format folding camera is another shining example of Fujifilm’s unwavering commitment to preserving and nurturing the culture of photography. Designed with the traveling professional in mind, the GF670 is lightweight and sports a Gauss-type EBC Fujinon lens allowing the photographer to not compromise quality for ease of travel.

It’s amazing to think that Fujifilm USA recently found an undisclosed amount of these beautiful cameras in their warehouse. They were then sold (as best as I can tell) to B&H in New York for sale to the public. It looks like the first guess pricing was around $1899 then quickly up to $1999 and now on B&H’s site they’re at $2199 or so. They’re taking pre-orders now with availability in February. Released in early 2009? and discontinued in 2014. I would love to be able to put one of these in our collection – but it’s not gonna happen!

Maybe for you? Check out B&H’s site for more.