Tokyo store window – 1964

Japan and the summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

Yashica’s latest in their popular line of SLRs. As it would have appeared in 1964.

The world was coming to Japan for the Olympics and Japan was ready to show the world its best technology and design. The Tokaido Shinkansen made its inaugural run from Tokyo on October 1st and Japan and its technology never looked back.


Fantasy image of our 1964 Yashica J-5 as it would have looked in the camera dealer’s window.


Wonderful souvenir of the Olympic Games.


Yashica proudly shows off its new J-5


If you’ve been to Tokyo chances are you visited Mitsukoshi (there’s one at EPCOT at WDW, Orlando).


Who hasn’t owned or wanted a SONY!!!


A trip back in time. A time when Japan showed the world what it was capable of.

Thanks for your visit!




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