People that knew my mom… 1939

An unusual topic, but since I had recently scanned these images from one of my mom’s photo albums I felt I should do something with them. I can’t bring myself to simply just throw pictures away – as a photographer it doesn’t seem right. But why was I using up valuable(?) storage space on my PC for strangers? Well for one they did know my mom and were her friends and were important in her life. So, why not share them with you all – like facebook only the 1939 version.

What strikes me the most is just how similar these images are from 78 years ago to the images you see posted on social media today. Young 20-somethings goofing around in front of a camera and having fun together. Photography is a universal language that we all speak and understand and the people captured in the images “live” forever on film and in our minds.

All images are taken in and around New York City – except for a few, my mom was the photographer and shooting with her Kodak.







One of my favorites… she looks just so bored!



My mom and her best friend (my mom on right). I just love this image!



My mom second from left.


5th Avenue Fashionistas! My mom is the lovely lady on the far right!

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