More Spring

A few more Spring garden images from our backyard habitat…


Full Bloom Azaleas


Chubby Garden Bird


Maidenhair Ferns

Camera:  Fujifilm FinePix S9900W

Enjoy your Spring!


2 thoughts on “More Spring

  1. And we just got our first real know for this winter last night. Sadly, the weather had been really warm for a few weeks before that, so all the trees in our yard – including a magnolia and an apricot tree, two of my favorites – that had just started to bloom now look very sad and all the buds and early flowers are brown. It breaks my heart. You back yard looks beautiful!

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  2. Oh I know how you feel! It’s a joy to see early signs of Spring life but at the same time there’s always this little fear in the back of your mind that Winter is not over. I do hope your trees recover from the snow and I imagine freezing conditions. Two of my favorite trees too.
    Thank you! We try so hard to keep our backyard as natural as possible yet maintaining a sense of control at the same time.


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