Studio model in waiting – Nikon D3100

First image with our new Nikon D3100*. My first Nikon anything since my Nikonos II bought new in 1971.


*Gifted to us by one of our son’s friends.

First shot with the Nikon. Not bad with the pop-up flash. Tough autofocus situation. More to come about this new to us camera.




2 thoughts on “Studio model in waiting – Nikon D3100

  1. Nikon D3100 was the first DSLR I ever used – not mine though. In fact it’s the only Nikon camera I’ve ever used. I like your choice of title for the post. And nice photo. I wouldn’t have guessed that you used any kind of flash here; it looks more like some form of a natural light source in front of the model, which is really good for a pop-up flash.

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    1. Thank you Anneli! I agree – the lighting is surprisingly good all things considered. I tried the flash with a macro shot and was pleased with the results. I’ll definitely give this camera a work out before deciding what to do with it.

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