Monaco – Monte-Carlo 1986

Some recently found images from a short stop in Monaco and the French Riviera in September 1986. Original images are from my Canon F-1 on Kodacolor film – scanned with a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II. The prints are on satin finish paper which does not scan well – at all!



Casino de Monte-Carlo.


Monaco police caught in casual mode.




The TVG that I did not take from Marseille to Paris!

At the casino, I was invited for a change of clothing as my casual American attire was too casual for the likes of the casino. Nice clothes – and they were happy to store my camera gear for me and watched us US Navy Sailors like hawks!

Wonderful port visit overall – we were anchored out off the coast of Cannes along the French Riviera and travelled to Nice and Monte Carlo.

Thanks for your visit!



3 thoughts on “Monaco – Monte-Carlo 1986

    1. I agree. Our eyes are becoming accustomed to the digitally sharp images that are all around us. I love shooting with film and I have a few simple digital cameras but the camera that still takes 75% of all of my outdoor shots is my Samsung Galaxy S4. Simply amazing what it can do. Very nice blog you have by the way! Chris

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      1. Thank you. As someone who learned my chops in the analog world in which HD seemed like an impossible dream, it’s still hard to grasp that a phone can accomplish things it can. Obviously, there’s still a primary role for creativity and, above all, looking analytically and critically at the shot, not simply relying on the machine to make the photo. A very interesting time to be working.

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