Fujica GW690 from 1978

We acquired this beast early this year and fell in love with its capabilities. The only problem with it is that you only get 8 6x9cm images on a roll of 120 film. Talk about planning your shot!


Last camera to carry the Fujica name.

One of our favorite images from the first roll – far from perfect – the focus is a tad off but we love the shallow depth of field and the amazing tonal range of the Neopan Acros.


The 6x9cm format is, in our opinion, nearly perfect for big time enlargements. This image by the way, is not cropped and hasn’t received post production.

If you want to go big in medium format, the Fujica GW690 and the Fuji GW690II and III are worth a look.



St. Augustine Florida Lighthouse

The day I choose to visit the lighthouse was terrible – Florida wise. Mid September, crazy hot, oppressively humid and not a hint of a seabreeze. Oh and the sun was obscured by clouds all day. So with that said, it wasn’t a great photo opportunity for shooting with film. The few usable images came via my cameraphone and Sony Cyber-shot.









Looking east towards the Atlantic Ocean.





Optimistic that I would be able to get some good shots with my Canon A-1.

Overall the lighthouse is worth your time to visit, just pick a perfect weather day to go. The lighthouse has been fully restored and is kept very well maintained and the view from the top is exceptional – a bit toe curling if you and heights have an uneasy relationship – that red railing looks pretty thin at the top!

Thanks for your visit!

Cameras: Sony Cyber-shot W-170, Canon A-1 with FD 17mm lens, Samsung Galaxy S4