Fujica GW690 from 1978

We acquired this beast early this year and fell in love with its capabilities. The only problem with it is that you only get 8 6x9cm images on a roll of 120 film. Talk about planning your shot!


Last camera to carry the Fujica name.

One of our favorite images from the first roll – far from perfect – the focus is a tad off but we love the shallow depth of field and the amazing tonal range of the Neopan Acros.


The 6x9cm format is, in our opinion, nearly perfect for big time enlargements. This image by the way, is not cropped and hasn’t received post production.

If you want to go big in medium format, the Fujica GW690 and the Fuji GW690II and III are worth a look.



4 thoughts on “Fujica GW690 from 1978

    1. I think you’d enjoy it. It makes a crazy big negative with tons of detail. There’s a bunch on eBay from sellers in Japan. I went after the first model – the Fujica GW690 vice the Fuji GW690 II or III only because the others have built-in lens hoods that get in the way. They’ll all have thousands of exposures on them but they seem to hold up well. Mine was about $300 with shipping as I struck a nice deal with the seller.

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      1. I have a very old 6×9 folder. Love the size of the negatives, but the lens on my folder has enough issues that actually affect image quality, so I rarely use it. I know that the prices are quite reasonable on the Fuji GW690, but it’s unfortunately more than I can spend on gear right now. Some day…

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