Cute or uncomfortable by today’s standards?

Is this image from a mid 1960s Yashica camera instruction booklet simply cute or does it make you feel a tad uncomfortable?

Is it a fun reminder of how the world was in 1965 – a bit “western obsessed”? Was it a little out of line even then? If this image were to be posted to a social media site today, what would the reaction be?


The original full context image from the booklet.

Weigh in if you’d like. We’d like to know your feelings.

Thanks, Chris and Carol




2 thoughts on “Cute or uncomfortable by today’s standards?

  1. I think if it was posted on social media today people would have a lot to say about it. I guess it’s also the extent of the exposure – correct me if I’m wrong but back in 1960s kids don’t really look into manuals so this wouldn’t be seen by them. What was the reception to this during that time? I’m curious…

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    1. Thanks for your comment Bel. We agree, social media would blow up if a mom or dad posted a pic like this today. At the time of this picture (1960s) children’s toys in the U.S. were often toy guns – some very realistic looking too. Kids would copy (as they do today) what they saw on TV and in the movies and westerns with cowboys and guns were all the rage (think Woody from Toy Story although Pixar didn’t give Sheriff Woody a gun). So there were plenty of kids running around with toy guns dressed as cowboys or soldiers.

      I think what makes this image a little uncomfortable for us is that the Yashica marketers choose to include an image of a young boy, not dressed as a cowboy or soldier, but dressed in a very nice suit. His mom is also nicely dressed and the impression is that they are at some type of formal outing as a family. And then there’s that gun – held in a very awkward position in front of the boy’s face. It looks to be the type of gun that the police would use which further makes the picture a bit squeamish.

      So we think that the picture was a bit odd even during the toy gun happy period it was taken in. Take the gun away and it’s a sweet mother-son picture… with it not so much.

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