Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

In response to this weeks challenge.

Cats… always waiting for something. Waiting to eat, sleep, love, sleep, eat, repeat.


Pirate waiting for food or some love or something.


“Don’t you care?”


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Yashica L AF – Field Test v2.0 – Can this Yashica hold its own against the T* Series?

Some updates to this very popular topic. Chris

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

A fun little point and shoot camera from Yashica-Kyocera (1986). This lovely camera was kindly donated to us from a blogger friend and photographer who lives in Japan. She tests cameras that strike her fancy and often processes her film at home. We think her test shots are extremely interesting – and always well composed too. You can find her at https://cameragocamera.wordpress.com/

Field test v1.0 was done in Japan.

She typically hunts around in second hand shops and picks up cameras for well under $10 (I think this one was only $3).

dscf3464 The Yashica gets a fresh roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 and a new finger strap (in almost matching red).

dscf3481This Yashica uses a 32mm f3.5 lens. The camera features a simple drop and go (well almost) film loading. It is a DX coded camera so it sets the ASA (sorry, old school). It produced 26 exposures from…

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