Irma Damage

Almost everywhere in Florida was affected by Hurricane Irma – some more directly than others and of course some suffered a complete loss of their homes, businesses, cars and lives. The difficult journey of recovering from the damage and destruction will be a long one and some will just give up and go.

Our corner of Northeast Florida (our little island) for the most part did pretty well considering where we are located. Closer to home, our neighborhood had damage but the homes came through. We lost our power for 61 hours – a small time really compared to what others will see.

These pictures are from around 8 AM or so on Monday morning (9-11-2017) – the winds were still gusting into the high 60 mph range with some gusts to near 90 mph in the predawn hours.


Neighbors house avoids getting damaged from a rather large oak branch.


Directly behind our house on another street. This was about a 60 foot oak that blew down and missed the house completely.


Just outside the neighborhood at the beach. Just after the highest water was receding.


At the beach. Only a few poles came down.


Some damage along the beach road (above and below).




By the afternoon on Monday, the strongest onshore winds were past but the ocean was still very rough.

The best to all that are suffering through their recoveries from Harvey and Irma.

Chris and Carol

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