Yashima-Yashica Rookie – 1956

A rather rare camera from Yashica that deserves another look.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

We were finally able to assemble our Yashicaflex Rookie ‘stuff’ for some studio shots. We’re still missing some items to make the set complete but so far the collection is looking good.

014 The outer box (or shipping box) for the camera and its leather case is on the left. Of course the camera is in the center with the Rookie leather case to its right. The Rookie instruction booklet is in the lower right of this image and a colorful Rookie sales brochure is just below the lens cap. A warranty (service certificate) card identifying that this camera is a Yashicaflex Model R is just below the box and finally another sales brochure that features the Rookie is on top of the box.

018 Original 1956 sales brochure.

015 Sales brochure from 1956.

017 Certainly an entry level twin-lens reflex camera with some nice features.

016 The Rookie could take standard 6×6 cm images…

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