“Marco Rubio’s” – Brilliant! Many thanks to Ms. Sarah Chadwick!

This young lady has a great future! Brilliant!

Way to go, Sarah! Keep up the push for meaningful changes that will save lives – NOW!


Vote him OUT!

How much money is needed Mr. Rubio to get you to represent OUR interests instead of the NRA? Should we hold a bake sale for you??? The slaughter at the Pulse nightclub didn’t phase you a bit – standing on stage with the families of the kids who were murdered didn’t move you at all. You are one COLD HEARTED $.O.B.!

rubio 2

“They are so easy to buy”! Shame on you Mr. Rubio – putting YOUR bank account ahead of the lives of children!

It’s just unbelievable to us why they protect the NRA ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) like this over the safety of the rest of us – wait, we have a right to exist free from the fear of execution by guns! Our right to exist “trumps” your desire to own an AR-15 style weapon… period!

Peace and Love

C&C ^.^