Sad SUNday! Remembering the kitties we lost this year


Zoe – Our Sunroom Kitty – 2000 to 2018

Zoe was nearly 18 years old and she went missing just 2 days after we found Pirate dead.


Pirate – The King of the Neighborhood – 2003 to 2018


Sukoshi – The Soft One – 2003 to 2017

As much as Carol and I have enjoyed our different kitties over the 45 years of our marriage, with the loss of these three we have moved on from pet ownership. It’s painful to think about it but as we age it’s best for the cats and us.


Our first kitty – Avon – 1975

Our cats: Avon 1975, Tank 1975, Sony 1981, Candy 1983, Zoe 2000, Pirate 2003, Sukoshi 2003 ^.^

Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful SUNday!

Chris and Carol ^.^