Yashica Catalog from 1958

We’ve recently acquired a rather rare catalog from around 1958 – I think early 1958 as Yashica was still Yashima Optical at the time of the printing. It’s a large format catalog with practically everything Yashica offered at the time.

yascatalog logo

yascatalog logo 1

yas 635 logo 2

yas635 logo

Just a small sample of what’s inside. We love collecting these catalogs and brochures from Yashima-Yashica’s early days.

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Daily ‘Fuji-Fix’ – the cute Fujipet and Pet 35

fujipet 1

Fuji Photo Film Fujipet
1959 version
Medium format 120 roll film camera
Shoots a 6×6 cm negative
Cute little Pet in gray!

Always smiling…

fuji pet 35 1

And his cousin – Fuji Photo Film Fuji Pet 35 – the more refined Pet that shoots 35mm film vice 120 roll film.

These are fun to use film cameras that produce exceptionally nice (and unique) looking images.

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