Yashica Lynx – the ‘Wildcat’ in Yashica’s den!

Recent finds and some good detective work by my friend Paul Sokk have gone on to lend support that Zunow did make some of the lenses on the Yashica Lynx and now it looks like they first appeared on the Yashica 35 YL. More to come!

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

We haven’t paid much attention to rangefinder cameras here on the “Fanatic” – it’s not that we don’t find them interesting – quite the opposite, many rangefinder cameras associated with Yashica are groundbreaking and historically significant and are worthy of further research.

The Yashica Lynx – aka the Lynx-1000. It was the first in a long line of successful fixed-lens rangefinder cameras from Yashica in the early 1960s. The first Lynx was made in May 1960 based on the serial number of the camera in an early sales brochure (in English below).


We find early sales brochures extremely helpful when attempting to place a date of production of a camera. In this case, the serial number NO. 650048 would indicate that the Lynx was first produced in May 1960 (6 = 1960, 5 = May, 0048 = number 48th made).

This early box (below) confirms that Yashica referred to…

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Pictures at an Exhibition – Nassau County Courthouse


It’s one of my most photographed spots in our historic district – the Nassau County Courthouse. I’ve been honored to have my award-winning photograph hang “forever” inside the courthouse along with about fifty others as part of an exhibition of images and paintings of our beloved landmark. Each image was personally selected by the Honorable Judge Robert M. Foster, Chief Judge of the Fourth Circuit Court here in Nassau County (Florida).


20180605_205607 (2) logo

‘On the Courthouse Steps’ – June 2018


One of the many images of our historic courthouse that I’ve taken over the years.

Thanks for stopping by and many thanks to Judge Foster! – Chris

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