Fujifilm Nexia 3100ixZ Special Edition Set

It kinda looks like an early flip phone but it’s a calculator/world “time traveler” thingy. The camera is the Nexia 3100ixZ APS film camera that was released in November 1999 and listed for a shocking ¥45,000 or about $380 in the US. The vintage JAL flight bag was not part of the set and is being used as a prop. Of note about the bag, most of these types of vintage JAL bags had white side panels or were blue with white panels. This is the first one that I’ve seen that’s all red.

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The date time function and calendar go all the way to 2099!

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The Nexia 3100ixZ features a Super EBC Fujinon 23-70mm zoom lens. It takes one CR2 battery (still very available). The calculator takes two standard hearing aid batteries. APS film is no longer produced but it’s available as expired film on eBay and Etsy for a fair price.

APS cameras are a fun way to collect still new in the box film cameras for not a lot of money.

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