Canon F-1 35mm SLR

Canon F-1 35mm single-lens reflex camera from 1975.

This beautiful Canon is part of my extensive Canon camera collection. Having said that, it’s time to pare down some of my collection. Besides being super clean, this camera has been fully tested and is working perfectly. I’ve installed new film door light seals and a new mirror bumper pad. It has a fresh battery and it will come with its original Canon nylon neck/shoulder strap, the original Canon body cap, and two Canon books. The instruction book is a high-quality copy dated 03/1975 and the F-1 sales brochure is dated 03/1978 and it’s an original.

The camera. If you’ve never had the opportunity to shoot with an F-1 then you’d be very happy with this camera. The F-1 is a professional grade camera designed to last a lifetime. It’s a pleasure to use and of course, it accepts all of Canon’s FD and FL lenses and a ton of accessories.


It’s available at and here in this post (see below).




The original Canon F-1 is a fully manual camera – you control the focus, you set the lens aperture and shutter speed, and you determine the proper exposure using the thru-the-lens (TTL) built-in light meter. It’s film photography at its purest.




This camera is available through my Etsy camera shop at of you can purchase it directly from this post.

Canon F-1 35mm SLR Film Camera

As described in the accompanying post. Fully serviced, tested and ready to roll. I'll mail it pretty much worldwide but please ask for a shipping quote for outside the US. Thanks, Chris