The road to success!

After nearly 30 years of service, our residential street is finally being resurfaced. The process is called “chip sealing” (pictured) which will be followed by micro-surfacing.

Early this morning (8.29.19) the work crews got going on the road improvements.


This truck is laying out the liquid asphalt material just ahead of the chip spreader. The side closest to the camera has already been laid.


The chip spreader machine moves quite fast – here it’s laying down a uniform layer of gravel chips into the freshly applied asphalt.


The dump truck is locked onto the spreader machine and is towed backward down the street. I’m thinking that the spreader operator controls the movement of the dump truck.


Instant results but only half complete at this point. The chip sealed surface is not a desirable one by itself so the streets will be micro-surfaced shortly. That will make for a much more user-friendly surface for bicycles, strollers, people, and cars (less road-noise, smoother surface). All of this is being completed just before the potential arrival of Hurricane Dorian this weekend (see below).

Here’s hoping that the hurricane stays at sea well off the coast of the US (unlikely at this point in time). If it does make landfall on the central east coast of Florida as a Category 3, 4 or 5 that obviously would be catastrophic.


Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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