Yashica’s Ultra Rare “Yasinon” Lenses

It appears (after further review) that Zunow Optical did make some of the very earliest cine lenses for Yashica’s movie cameras. The Yasinon name also appears on the early lenses for the Yashica 35 rangefinder but there is no evidence that Zunow made the lenses for that 35mm camera. It’s more likely that Tomioka made these lenses.

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Are these previously unknown lenses made by Zunow Optical?

My good friend Paul Sokk (www.yashicatlr.com) spotted a rather unique lens name in a Yashica catalog that I sent him. The catalog is from 1958.

yasinon lens box Look closely at the two boxes in the lower center part of the scan. Plainly marked is the name “Yasinon” and Yashica. Just to the right are two boxes made in the same style that displays the lens maker “Zunow”.

yasinon zunow lens From the same year Yashica catalog here’s a grouping of three 8mm movie camera lenses – two marked made by Zunow and one marked with the name “Yasinon”.

What’s the most interesting about this discovery is that the name Yasinon was unknown to us prior to seeing these catalogs.

yasinon yashica 35 bro 1 Yashica’s first 35mm camera – the Yashica 35. If you look closely at the camera lenses you’ll see that they’re marked with the Yasinon name.

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Throwback Thursday – Dapper Dude with Seaplane


Dapper Dude with Plane logo

I don’t know much about the dapper man pictured with what I imagine is his seaplane. I believe it’s a 1939 model Piper Cub J-3 and judging by its appearance it could be new or just a few years old. My Mom took this picture with her trusty Kodak 620.

Since my Mom grew up in New York City and knew her town like the back of her hand I’m just guessing that it was taken somewhere in New York in the early 1940s. It could be in Long Island Sound or on the Hudson but I don’t know the background of the image. It’s part of a vast trove of pictures that my Mom took over the years that I have no idea of the who, what, where. Good shot though!


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