Vintage 35mm Film

It’s always fun to have some variety in your collection and collecting vintage film boxes (with the film still unopened inside) is a nice way to add some spice to your camera collection. These film boxes make a great addition to your displays.


High Speed (SS) ASA 100 film from Konishiroku Photo.


Expired March 1972


Kodak’s versatile color print film of the 1970s.


Expired January 1978


One of my favorite films of the 1970s.


Expired December 1977

The Kodak Kodachrome has been in one of my camera bags since new. Over the past decade or two, I’ve had it on display with my Canon F-1. I also have some Kodachrome 25 from the same time period. Awesome color slide film with super crisp resolution and colors.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit my camera shop at I have these three films available in my shop if you’re interested. – Chris

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