Saturday Spotlight – My favorite RF

Whenever I reminisce about classic cameras from the 1950s it’s hard not to think of this Nicca camera inspired by the iconic Leica 35mm rangefinder (RF).

* Nicca 3-S from 1954 *

By today’s standards there’s nothing easy about using a camera from this era. Some of the “negatives” – manual focusing using a rangefinder (not thru the lens like an SLR), manual exposure and shutter speed settings, difficult film loading, and lots of add-ons just to be able to shoot with a wide angle or telephoto lens to name just a few. The positives – this is considered to be a miniature camera (compared to other film cameras), interchangeable lenses, rugged construction, excellent lens choices, and portability. I like this camera because it just feels right cradled in your hand.

Tiny 2.8cm (28mm) wide angle lens made by Nippon Kogaku (Nikkor-Nikon).
Optical viewfinder that provided the correct angle of view of the 2.8cm lens.
Nippon Kogaku W-Nikkor.C f3.5 2.8cm lens.
Optical viewfinder mounted on the Nicca’s accessory shoe.

If you want to experience film photography in its purest form then check out one of these amazing machines from the 1950s. Leica, Nicca, Yashica, Canon, Nikon, Leotax, and dozens more.

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