Leotax Merite TV2 – 1958

I’ve finally found a wonderful Merite camera body to add to my collection. I’ll be posting about it soon. Happy New Year!

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

While doing some research on late 1950s Japanese 35mm rangefinder cameras, I came across the Leotax brand. Their cameras are highly regarded by collectors and photographers alike. They have a reputation of being one of the better built Leica inspired models, especially during the early 1950s. I personally believe that Nicca built the best versions as I own several different models and I occasionally shoot with a Nicca 3-S.

My good friend Paul Sokk pointed out that a Leotax camera box in my collection has the name of the model spelled differently than the accepted norm – ‘Merite vs. Merit’. Intrigued we both started looking for proof as to the camera’s “real” name. The camera was also known as the model TV2.

merite 2 My recently acquired Leotax Merite camera box (from Japan). Mérite in French.

“Excellent mechanism with the best technology”… Leotax Merite

Brochure 2 Paul spotted this sales flyer from Leotax. The…

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No real dogs were harmed in the making of this image. It’s just Daisey being Daisey (RIP).

Thank you to everyone who read my silly blog this past year and a big thanks to the now over 700 total followers! I can’t believe how fun (much needed fun) I got from this blog this year. Here’s wishing everyone a better New Year – stay safe and as always, much Peace and Love sent your way. – Chris & Carol

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