Classic Canon FL 50mm f1.8 Lens – still going strong since the 1960s

In addition to my love of collecting almost everything Yashica made, my second love is collecting classic (and kind of modern) Canon cameras and lenses. As part of a rather large purchase of another collectors gear I ended up with my first ever Canon FL lens. The FL lenses came just before the FD lenses and replaced the Canon R mount models. The good news is that FL lenses can be used on more modern FD bodies (F-1, A-1, AE-1, T-70 among many others). Some vintage (1964-1971) FL lenses can be found online at relatively good prices compared to most FD lenses. The lower price allows you to maybe pick-up some super wide angle and telephoto lenses that would be beyond your collecting budget. A word of caution – since the newest FL lenses are 50 years old you have to be extra careful when inspecting them in person and you sometimes have to be real lucky to get a good one online. As always, if you buy from a trusted seller on Etsy, Mercari, or eBay then you stand a good chance you’ll get a nice lens that’s described and depicted accurately.

Here is my Canon FL lens (below).

Just the right amount of paint loss – pleasing patina.
Beautiful classic Canon glass. Only a few small specs of dust. No fungus, mold, or separation. Some light haze.
f2.8 at 1 meter – hand held. Soft and pleasing.
f8 at 1 meter. Better depth of field. Better separation from the background. Late day muted sunlight.
f8 at about 2 meters. Sharp and detailed – late day muted sunlight.
About f5.6-f8 at 3 meters. Wonderful bokeh.

If you have a mirrorless camera and you buy some affordable digital adapters then a great big world gets opened up when you start shooting through some lenses that are probably older than you (not in my case however, lol).

I use a very affordable Fujifilm X-A10 body (16 MP) for all of my vintage lens shots. Sure you can go crazy and go big on the megapixels but why bother – the older lenses do just fine and produce stunning images without breaking the bank.

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