on this day in 2012

My heart remains forever broken. Please remember the little ones, their teachers and, administrators from that awful day.

They were just babies. I still cry just thinking about how horrible it must have been. The children, the families, and the first responders carry that sorrow forever. If only my country could be brave enough to do something about the proliferation of these types of weapons and to identify those people that need some type of mental health intervention. Never forget.

The magical Leica M4

In my opinion, the M4 is an interesting model to chase after but be prepared to pony up for super-sharp black versions with smaller production runs like this stunning M4 from 1969.

In this example, it’s mated with a sharp f2 35mm Summicron lens (I much prefer a wide-angle lens for the type of street photography I enjoy).

An exceedingly handsome camera from the 1960s.

I sold this camera and lens set for around $6,800. My advice is to chase after the best M4 your budget will allow and expect to have it serviced by Leica. It’s a joy to use and to just hold in your hands. I wish I had kept the one I had access to but it was a consignment piece and it was sent to auction on eBay. Offers came in from China and Japan and from many parts of Europe but in the end, they went to a collector in the US (I believe).

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