Fresh from the garden – Konica Tomato!

We love collecting cameras that we perceive as “fun” or unusual and this wonderful camera from Konica is that and more. A couple of other cameras that I’d put in this category are the Fuji Pet and the Konica Kanpai (Kanpa!). How could you not fall in love with this cute little Tomato at first sight?

We love the glossy bright red finish and of course, the cute logo but the Tomato is more than just a pretty face. The store display card is a nice bonus and a reminder of just how much the camera set cost back in 1985 (about $99) and the case another $10.

If you’ve been a follower of our blog you undoubtedly know just how much we enjoy collecting cameras that come with their original boxes and have all of the goodies that came with them when new.

We’ve added the Fujicolor film for, well, color! The box looks like it came from the produce department of your local grocery store. Well done Konica!
It’s all there – a user’s guide, service guide, warranty/registration card, and a neat brochure on how to join the Sakura Film Club.
It comes with this super cool camera case that was an accessory when new.
Some specs. Features a fixed focus 35mm f/4 Konica lens (multicoated, 4 elements/4 groups) which I believe is glass. Selectable ISO settings of 100, 200, and 400, and on the left, a switch for using the flash when the subject is between 1.5 to 2 meters from the camera. The flash can be turned on and off which wasn’t a typical feature with compact point & shoot cameras during the 1980s.

The body of the camera is finished in a smooth glossy red and even though it’s plastic it’s a high grade of plastic that doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in your hand. Another nice feature is the sliding lens cover that is also quite stout, unlike some other designs that feel like they’ll break after a few uses.

Auto Date – what’s up with that? Shown here with the time display (14:41 = 2:41 PM). The date display is accurate up to December 31, 2019. The date or time will be imprinted on your pictures unless you select “off”. According to the instructions, the date/time module is smart enough to know when it’s a leap year.
There’s a neat sticker inside reminding you to use either Sakura or Konica film. I installed a new CR2025 battery (far right) for the date/time feature. The camera uses a single AA battery that powers the flash and the underexposure warning light (just to the right of the viewfinder).

We consider the Konica Tomato a “Modern Classic” and part of our “Plastic Fantastic” collection. If you’re interested in purchasing this set, it’s available in our online camera shop at which is hosted by Etsy. Thanks for stopping by! Chris

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