Under the radar Yashica 35mm P&S compact film camera – Yashica Zoomate 150EF

Yashica Zoomate 150EF set from 2001.
Kyocera Zoom Lens – 10 elements in 8 groups, coated, dual aspherical optics.
Still new in its box!


February 9, 2001



Somerset, NJ—Following in the wake of its successful launch of the Yashica Zoomate

165EF compact zoom camera, Kyocera Optics now unveils the latest offering in its line

of “Super Flash” cameras—the Yashica Zoomate 150EF.

Like its sister camera, the Zoomate 150EF is fully loaded with the features and

performance photographers demand in a compact 35mm camera. Fully automatic, the

camera provides auto focus, auto exposure, and five built-in flash modes. A precise, five-point

passive focusing system locks your subject in focus for exceptionally sharp

photographs with every shot. The 38mm-150mm lens glides to the setting of your choice

with the touch of a button. With its programmed auto exposure, the camera insures the

best color and contrast under a range of lighting conditions. Five flash options—

including fill flash and red-eye reduction—allow the photographer to select the flash

strength desired to properly illuminate his subject: Backlit objects are brightened,

daytime shadows are eliminated and intimate portraits can be created using only natural


Constructed of ten elements in eight groups, the lens system in the Zoomate 150EF

provides astonishing color and clarity. Brilliant colors pop off each photo, whether the

subject is a Cape Cod sunset or a family reunion. The sharpness of the images perfectly

complements the color. Thanks to the camera’s coated dual aspherical lens, crisp,

detailed photos are created shot after shot.

The Zoomate 150EF boasts an array of other key features as well. Standard features

include automatic film load/advance/rewind, mid-roll manual rewind, a top shutter speed

of 1/300 second, Infinity Lock, and a built-in panoramic switch. For users with

eyeglasses, the camera offers a built-in adjustable diopter (+1 – -3). For photographers who demand excellent optics,

outstanding flash functionality and fully automatic features in a compact, lightweight

camera, the Yashica Zoomate 150EF is the perfect combination of power and


The Zoomate 150EF is manufactured by Kyocera Optics, Inc., a division of Kyocera

International, Inc.

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