Pentamatic Instruction Booklets

Yashica has always called their user manuals ‘instruction booklets’. Here is a sample of the front and back covers of the Pentamatic ’35’ and the Pentamatic S booklets. These are seldom seen in their proper colors and with this amount of detail. The first booklet’s design draws its inspiration from the box that the camera comes in, which is often referred to as the presentation box. Same colors and same pentaprism design.


Original Pentamatic ’35’ front cover.


Pentamatic ’35’ back cover.


Pentamatic S front cover. Of course this booklet is simply referred to as ‘instructions’. It is one of the few that does not use the word ‘booklet’.


Pentamatic S back cover.

We do not have the Pentamatic II instruction booklet and would love to acquire one. If someone has a clear copy of one we would love to see it.

Thanks for the visit! As always, please share with us your likes and possibly dislikes about our blog. We are always looking to expand our knowledge of this often unseen camera from Yashica.

Chris & Carol

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