More Fuji Photo ‘Fujipet’…

We’re about ready to give our little Pet a work out with some fresh Fujifilm Neopan film. Probably the first time this little beauty had film in it since the 1960s!

It has a fixed focus plastic lens with a focal length of 70 mm and three aperture settings… f11, 16 and 22. Shutter speeds are bulb and 1/50 of a second. She weighs in at an impressive 288 grams with film!

We’ll be sure to post the images here!


The Fujipet getting its first roll of film in decades! A fresh roll of Neopan (SS) Acros 100 black and white negative film. Can’t wait to see what the Pet will do!


Exposure number one ready to go!


Ready for some picture taking!

Many thanks for your visit! Please let us know what you think and if you want to share something with us please feel free to do so!

Chris and Carol


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